Safe Place

Moondance is a temperate Forest Family Farm garden oasis married to local forces, a happy and productive union.

231 E. Strong Road, Shelton WA 98584 is part of a contiguous temperate, wet conifer forest gouged out 12,000 years ago by 3,000 feet of glacier. Skree manipulated the rift, and now the forest floor is a randomly modulated and easy going bed typical of our region, soaking up water as fast as it falls.

Our woodland has a comforting and protective air about it that can be felt – it is refreshing and elevates the spirit. This is a unique biosphere; there is contentment in watching it operate, knowing you can bring these site forces into your service.

Plan to be completely viable using alternate energy, septic fields, well and rainwater. Permacultured woodland gardens with chickens, farm animals, ponds, trails and a large barn and workshop are a perennial, rhythmic cycle of events as old as humanity.

Observe the biological waves of life as they engulf your senses. The fragrant breezes are forest respirations, waves from the aural texture in all forests.

We must assure everything is being done so you can grow and evolve safely. This task is becoming harder and harder to accomplish because more citizens are looking for the same thing. With the comforting forces and influence of the Salish Sea close at hand, an opportunity exists to assemble the forces needed to create your own tailored oasis.

Negotiating, designing and actualizing a structure to your own specifications will give you a permanent island of safety and serenity, a major accomplishment. It sits atop Maslow’s pyramid of hierarchies, the final ascent to the rest of your life.

Life with an Endurance Dwelling gives occupants a safe haven – a harbor site that has a built-in commitment to enhance proclivities and provide artistic resonance.

A meaningful thought from Rachel Carson: “Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of Earth are never alone or weary of life.