Endurance Dwellings

After an extended period of research and development Moonshadow Ventures has discovered a latent niche market in residential single-family:  Entrepreneurs without venues. Hand crafted sites and venued structures are a nascent concept. We are the illuminating vanguard, actualizing the prototype we call an Endurance Dwelling (for several reasons) while exposing an untouched, excitable market. Hosting gatherings, events, expositions and mixed pursuits requires an interactive, complete venue, an Endurance Dwelling.

Our Endurance Dwellings, created with generational heritage in mind, will last hundreds of years. They reveal the design efficiencies of ‘A Pattern Language’ and ‘Living Building Challenge’ standards through ergonomic high grace minimalism - the answer for living and working together in harmony. Americans with Disabilities Act compliancy is an important accessory to the layering of the whole project, and is collateral to the living free, living well legacy for generations; with this scenario dwellers can flourish, embracing behavior that assures continuity.

An Endurance Dwelling is, by nature:

  • A forest-based enterprise.
  • A source-driven machine engineered for connective activities.
  • A permanent revenue stream defined by the vision and skill sets of the owners.
  • A legacy engine designed for continuance.

There are subjects and categories that suggest how revenue can proceed; imagination is an enormous force and can be used to formulate a schedule with any number of active, mixed-use pursuits. There are probably hundreds of ways to generate gold with Moondance; it depends on the imagineering capacity of the new owners. As the project progresses, our scope will include assisting the new owners, plugging into the community and studying ways to form up access to our local and distant markets.

When operational Moondance will be a hive of activity. There is unlimited potential for almost any foray for the artistic and cerebral intellects. This forest-based enterprise provides an active, connected and enduring method of maintaining our superb wildness, allowing it to age without interference. These forests are interactive and navigable by day or night.

Using sites and structures that reflect the very nature of where we are, who we are, and why we are, Moonshadow Ventures acquires property and builds in Puget Sound’s ancient woodlands.

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