Rise of the Conifers

Permian Parks are habitats in ancient conifer forests. They are certifiable as habitat preserves, and represent a prototypical biological scenario to nest human beings as synergetic players and steward conservators. These parks can be venues as well; the State of Washington defines them in the Growth Management Act as 'Mom and Pop' operations, and recognizes the need for them. They are cultural dynamism, initiated by entrepreneurs and social innovators, bringing people together for friendship and commerce. Starting small, it feeds on its own success, modeling for others, beginning a rural economic movement.

Built Green and Living Building standards allow us to engage with local forces through sensitive analysis; wild sitecrafting the woodland creates a territory where the biological citizenry are all symbiotic contributors.  

The Permian paradigm is a result of progressive thinking. This flagship project locates, defines, and creates our handcrafted Permian Park. Our dwellings embrace gatherings, events,  expositions and mixed pursuits connecting neighbors and friends. Sites are productive and stay comfortable and healthy with minimal maintenance.  

The untouched, zero carbon history, well chosen Permian site does not need landscape architects – it’s already formed and sculpted.  Primarily cedars and firs dominate,having been around since the Permian Period, with copses of maple and alder (forests within forests) popping up in unusually appropriate configurations. The Salish Sea was carved out a mere 15,000 years ago, and much of our distorted topography is due to the relentless melting of an ice pack 1 and 1/2 mile thick; the nature of its retreat is unique, providing an unfettered glimpse into the world of so long ago, still here, still now, still performing. Owners will be engaged; birding, wildlife, astronomy, living waters, infinity trails and deep forest sanctum inspire the questing intellect. Tailored dwellings reflect lifestyles; your hobby can be your profession, and the dwelling your venue. Permian Park ontology is a spiritual journey, from birth to death, and beyond.

The forest is no longer just a background, it is interactive and available; compliance to ADA principles allow most to navigate the wildwood in safety. Our project energies are driven by site characteristics and reflect the forces in collaboration. Interpretation of these forces reveal the elegance, grace and joy of Permian Parks.  

Using sites and structures that reflect the very nature of where we are, who we are, and why we are, Moonshadow Ventures acquires property and builds in Puget Sound’s ancient woodlands.

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