We have studied ways and means of identifying the safest methods to insert ergonomics into the complete design program, making sure everything has been calculated for optimum effect. Generally the “Goldilock’s  Grid” where options for use are not too much one way or the other; like ADA compliancy  options must make sense for users, and Best Available Science for determining what materials, shapes or characteristics will work in each situation.

Safety is a prime loader for us. As a crucial part of ergonomics it is always a strong influence on everything we do.

For example, the site has a 25’ setback with dense forest, and we will use that as a passive security characteristic. Forest farms follow patterns that lead to a naturally protective ethos, and become a way of life in the neighborhood.

Well defined and predictable patterns of safety allow dwellers to enjoy a stress free environment endorsed by a naturally occurring symbiotic biosphere.

Life will be a simple, harmonious relationship between human beings and their forest.



  • Cabinetry designed for logical physical applications; not too high, not too low, deny kids and pets access
  • Base to elevate washer and dryer for optimum ergonomic service
  • Built-in surfaces for seating and standing
  • Bathrooms; ADA compliancy
  • Kitchens; ADA compliancy
  • Rooftop gardens, night club; ADA compliancy


  • Gardens; ADA compliancy
  • Forest; ADA compliancy
  • Wine cellar; ADA compliancy
  • Trails; ADA compliancy