Entry access to Moondance

  • Wide concrete culvert
  • Welcome signage
  • Water grotto feature below fir cluster
  • Hillox, made from SWRPy excavation materials, rise to the right, about 15’ high, and blend in to an existing ridge.

Strong Lane

Flowing through the site, Strong Lane is a multi-purpose event. It serves as a

  • Drain system
  • Connecting system for various delivery spots
  • Bicycle route
  • Innocuous farm parking format (parking is a strong force)
  • Driveway

Curves highlight the linear form of the lane, and as it travels through Moondance it loops to all involved drop-off points and curves gracefully back to the entry, becoming also, the exit. One way, beginning to end, it is a river of activity and very force conscious.

Infinity Trails

As arteries and veins connect our systems, the infinity trails connect the inherent organs of the biosphere. These trails were created by thinning to promote old growth spacing, reduce wind effects and provide areas where field operations can be organized and logically placed for best results; dead and dangerous biological debris, an important cause of forest fires and human injury, is also removed.

The trails are hand-made with local labor forces (making $25.00 an hour to start) and are filled with high grade bark gathered from our forest.

Carbon mindfulness is important, and we do not remove much material off site; we use all of our usually exportable materials like dirt and wood on indigenous events. They are very ergonomic, and for the most part concealed. They are very ergonomic and can be walked or ran, day or night, rain or shine, naked and barefoot.

Infinity Trails are named because they have no end. They are a strong directional vector that can be trusted all the time.

Like life, there are paths that take a different direction; these branch off from the main trail and twist through the very navigable woodland to ‘secret spots’. This is a large property and has many spots that never get seen because everything is overgrown; sort if a chaotic, rambling bramble.

We see the logic in such an environment and capitalize on it ergonomically, making sure all biologicals are in there best arena for prosperity. This is the process called Wild Sitecrafting and it will create a terran realm where farm and forest merge with great success. At all times the non-built environment will dominate the built environment – such is the balance we work with.

Mansard Roof 10’ Drip-edge and Footing Drain

Northwest rooftops need a drip-edge that, because rain is such a tremendous force here, keep water well away from the exterior wall.

Our mansard roof is, among other important traits, a key element in harvesting rainwater. The drip-edge is over 10’ from the exterior wall and acts as the railing system for the rooftop garden. The rainwater drops from the roof tiles onto the compacted slope, covered with gravel, to the footing drain; from there the water travels the Blue Route to the SWRPy distributor.

There is also another architectural benefit from the mansard configuration; it creates an arcade, 10’ wide with a gravel bed that surrounds the structure.

Bistros have this kind of design pattern where there is energy in movement. Sidewalk cafes and coffee houses lend a feeling of people chatting and sharing among very pleasant surroundings, and are convivial scenarios. The arcade has many opportunities to connect with the interior, so inside and outside are closely involved.

Porte Cochere

Drop off your passengers under the sheltering gable; plenty of room for water features, gardens and a clear path to the Foyer. The Roof Ramp begins from the Porte Cochere.

Airlock Foyer

Capacious entry allows chi to accumulate and flow inside as the door opens. Scented groups of flowers congregate outside the entry door and aromatic breezes follow you in. Plenty of space for guest coats, shoes and personal gear. There is an opening from the second floor that flows out to the top of the airlock foyer and dwellers may walk out and see anyone in the loop drive up. The view is open to the north.

Heavy Timber Entry Door

Massive handcrafted door beckons, possessing qualities of welcome. Large brass porthole provides passive observation.

Operations Center

The brains of the outfit, containing the main computer for the interactive system, server, WiFi, security station and optional Farraday Cage. Cutting edge ‘smart house’ standards will be required.


This is an activities area and has no-touch restrooms, stations for coffee, tea and spirits. It is open to the Atrix, the forum, kitchen access and the run (traffic hallway connecting points inside and outside).

Billiards, ping pong, darts and other entertaining activities occur at appropriate areas.


Opens onto beach, kitchen, and Atrix; indoor and outdoor activities and performances

Atrix (atrium in the matrix)

The outside inside is an ocean of air and space. The Atrix is an opening in the slab exposing the matrix (earth). Dwellers with imagination can create an indoor Northwest jungle forming the lungs of the dwelling, filling the air with fragrance. The Atrix (fine points TBD) has exceptional features:

  • Self – watering
  • Paths
  • Cascading biologicals
  • Southface ambience
  • Open flame pit (propane)
  • Water features
  • General conformity TBD

There are several opportunities to get outside or travel to other traffic routes. The views are very appealing.

Recording Studio / Radio Station

This is a high end design and has all the latest gear. The walls are doubled with sound insulation weaved in through the framing. With an indoor and outdoor performance capability the Recording Studio was a no brainer.

Towers are no longer required to have and operate a radio station. We have the information and we will make it happen.


Critical ambient lighting, skylights

Books banked midroom

Big book reading ramps with chairs, rails and elevations

Walls, floor and roof soundproofed

Access to coffee kiosk

Grand Marquee Cinema

Modeled to 50’s designs with poster displays or to owner’s specifications

Refreshment counter

Walls, floor and roof soundproofed

Food Circle

Kitchen Network

The kitchen is the domestic version of the village square. The floor plan shows that the view wall opens out into a SWRPy copse that is really unique. The size and traffic patterns make this kitchen very roomy yet cozy in a special spot. Food is almost secondary to the social interaction that will inevitably take place.

Thoughtful design is rarely used in the proper handling of recycle and refuse, yet it is a huge force when the systems are not set up properly. It is a force we devote much time and thought to, and is different for every family.

Our kitchen has nooks, bars, and areas for coffee / tea. This area is well-lit by view windows and has a very comfortable feel to it.

Actual kitchen non-cooking work is done in an alcove with double sinks and a commercial dishwasher, invisible to non-working areas. Stoves and ovens are accessible to groups, inviting multiple players for cooking engagement.

We have a sense of practicality; there is an informal opening to the outside garden, creating easy admission for harvesting or walks. Kitchen congregants will find roomy freedom throughout for

  • Stoves, refrigerators, sinks, disposals, dishwasher
  • Countertops on islands, peninsulas and perimeter elevations
  • Kitchen office: keys pocket, computer/printer, cookbooks, T.V.
  • Aid station also in office
  • Filming capabilities for classes, experiments, group cook-fests
  • Storage areas
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Pantry for broad use anticipated

Both inside and outside the dwelling, this is a masterful rendition of light commercial applications, perfectly adapted to operational requirements.

The roasting or grilling of food requires serious placement and venting, depending on personal preference. Heat and smoke have no time to linger and are quickly gone. There is a REAL pantry, constantly cool on the north side, for food storage, cooking close by, and preserving.

Our system is a simple, stable, ergonomic cycle of events that have been around since the dawn of humanity. And it makes sense.

We follow the map laid by a series of forces that connect with our food cycle performance design; the tracks laid tell all, showing us what to do and how to do it.

Kitchen’s Access Ports

  • Hub
  • Warren
  • Eatery
  • Beach
  • Pantry with Garden Access Route
  • Recycle, Garbage and Compost use Garden Access Route


This outdoor, yet covered sector of the venue is a congregation waiting to happen. Gravitation to this spot is inevitable, as it nurtures the basic needs for Paleolithic intellects. The sand beach and waterfall is one of the SWRPys that you can swim in

  • Kitchen Access
  • Bar
  • Grill
  • Wood-fired Grill
  • 4 TV Screens
  • Horseshoes, darts, others at owner’s request


These rooms are comparable to any really good hotel room. Owners will have personal requirements. These suites have 3 divisions

  • Bedroom
    • Sleeping
    • Corner bar and table
    • Small refrigerator
    • Small microwave
    • Propane fireplace
  • Dressing room
    • Serious ventilation
    • Clothes / shoes 3 walls
    • Seating circle (mid- room)
    • Make-up mirrors and desk
  • Bathroom
    • No touch sinks and commodes
    • ADA compliant
    • Large ergonomic shower, no curb entry
    • Roomy tub and tub area
    • Standards include bidet
    • Ambient light
    • Heated towel racks

All four of the garages are the eastern end of the suites cluster.

The placement of the garages prevents them from being a focus during routine domestic operations. We do not want to interfere with the logic, grace and practical efficiency of our design spectrum.

The garage doors cannot be seen by visitors except briefly during an exit. Traffic patterns for the suites are slightly different, driven by logic.

Important elements are

  • Sealed concrete floor
  • Charging stations hooked to solar panels
  • Passive car wash. This is exciting and ties in with gravel groundcover
  • Sliding hangar-style doors at owner’s request

Utility Room

All the important systems meet here, including the mud room and a shower for garden players and pets. The special considerations for this room and why it is in this particular area will be covered in depth in the Maintenance and Operations Manual:

  • Sealed concrete floor
  • Hot water tanks for kitchen and west end stacked bathrooms
  • Hot water tanks for all four suites
  • Dwelling entry for utilities and their shut-offs
  • The only entry for dirty people and animals
  • Has inside storage for garden clothes you will re-use (don’t stink up your closet)
  • Washing, drying and ironing area TBD
  • Mixed uses will be available for owners

Permanently Cultured Gardens

Hardpan covers the surface where the garden will be going. It follows the morning sun, getting more in the afternoon, to late afternoon. Intermittent shade and forest breezes keep a fairly constant heat to cool equanimity.

We see the logic in no-till techniques and we will implement those operations as owners see fit. There is room to be innovative when you connect the actual forest tree-line to the actual non-forested area using personal techniques to form a transition strip that symbiotically embraces both of these areas.

Swales are a significant part of using these transitory strips. Using swale techniques these areas will be valid, reliable producers of valuable crops that become staples.

Bees. We need bees more than ever and many Forest Family Farms have bees for multiple purposes. Such a biological imperative will be addressed with the inclusion of bees.

Garden to Table

Surrounding the structure of Moondance are a system of gardens, SWRPys and domestic farm animal corrals. The garden to table access is located close to the kitchen for delivery in and delivery out (compost).This is a simple raised bed system, trenches dug out of the hardpan and filled with organic dirt (we have a local source). Sandbags are the transition mode from garden dirt to our personal ergonomic bark; we are very keen on keeping the built environment to a minimum.

If a dweller wants to work the garden in a light rain it can be done. The organic dirt is confined to the trenches created for that purpose, and the sandbags are the transition joint to the really well done bark (we did it ourselves; only the right shape of solid wood will work to best use) so there will be very little wet dirt.

Plenty of room for spools and alfalfa bales here – friends can work and hang, basking in the serenity of the here and now. A glean row makes friends with all, and continues the small farm ethos.

Self-watering systems using rain water and SWRPys present opportunities for several lagoons, all tied into the same rain-driven system. They not only fulfill their duty as a force, they look great doing it. The Living Building Challenge Is quite clear

  • We want to see the water come from the sky
  • Watch as the journey begins; roof, chains, barrels, rills, waterfalls, lagoons and finally back into the aquifer. The ageless cycle continues and we benefit
  • Hear the water; chains can be into the water of the barrel for a light sound, or the chains can be easily lifted for a louder sound. When it rains we rejoice -!
  • Feel the essence of the great force used to our benefit, and our joy in being

Water is the very foundation of our existence. It must be completely trustworthy.

Garden Hootch

This is a covered and sided gable shed for storage of tools and supplies needed for the garden. All the garden stuff should not go beyond the garden. The Hootch has 3 areas that co-mingle for best use:

  • Composting / dirt piles from garden
  • Covered rendering area where all garden dirt work gets done. There is a small slab for shifting and mixing new compost with dirt. There is a porcelain tub and drying rack close by

The compost container in the kitchen, accessed from the prime sink, is an important part of where the garden Hootch is located. Distance from the garden to the kitchen compost and pantry should not be more than 60 seconds.

Kitchen deliveries from the outside can pull up next to the delivery door that goes directly into the kitchen. The pantry door is next to it, providing the space where all final foodstuffs are prepared and stored.


This event will depend completely on the buyer’s vision of a Forest Family Farm. The animals and their necessary living spaces will be located in the most likely spots for long-term success.

  • Barn will have its own utility room
  • Bathroom with shower for garden and shop workers and pets
  • Sleeping nook / office
  • Roof provides water for 15K water tank, gravity fed for garden

Deep Sky Nights: Skycourt

This structurally capable event has multiple utility. Parties, gatherings or quiet times aloft, owners are surrounded by woodlands harboring animals and birds. Other activities include

  • Hanging gardens, cascading from 12’ posts ring the perimeter
  • Night sky viewers will have no light pollution
  • Pennants whip in scented woodland breezes
  • Drinking, dancing, live music
  • It is perfect for intimate soirees, games or solitude

Moondance is called that for a very good reason – the Moon, brightly visible, tracks across the southern sky and is quite unavoidable. It is, in fact, an important character in our project.

Rising spiral staircases ascend into large receiving caps that flow out onto the Skycourt

  • 12 foot 12” x 12” fir posts and 20’ spans of floral trellis runs for color, texture and scent
  • Open gable covers the porte cochere and offers realm viewing perspectives
  • Self-watering rooftop garden free from pests and devourers of your ground level garden
  • Ground level garden can be viewed from the Skycourt garden

Surface Water Retention Ponds (SWRPys)

Techniques exist that allow surface water retention ponds to have multiple uses. New owners will call the shots on the possibilities for this most worthy event. Available are

  • Sand beaches and waterfalls for swimmers
  • Particle, chemical and biological filters
  • Accessed by the Kitchen, Suites, Atrix and the Infinity Trail


The transition between the ground cover and the bark fill of the playground is made up of sandbags; fall all you want. Watch the children at play from the kitchen and other ports. To mitigate the prevalent forces at work here we enlist the aid of ergonomics, security and safety; the outcome is fun and games.

  • Sandbags are best safety barriers for gardens and playgrounds

Sport Courts

With 10 acres there is space for one, possibly two major courts. Here are some likely choices:

  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball