Competitive Advantage

Moondance is a residential venue designed for gatherings, events, expositions and mixed pursuits. It is a design ready for modification. Negotiation is a necessary tool for us, creating a team environment with the new owners. Together we will synthesize the dwelling for excellent performance characteristics.

An Endurance Dwelling is by nature:

  • A permanent revenue stream defined by the imagination, vision and skill sets of the owners 
  • A legacy engine designed for continuance
  • A forest-based enterprise
  • A source-driven machine engineered for connective activities

When operational the dwelling will be a hive of activity. There is unlimited potential for almost any foray for the artistic and cerebral intellects. This forest-based enterprise provides an active, connected and enduring method of maintaining our superb wildness, allowing it to age without interference. These forests are interactive and navigable by day or night.

Dwellers have no desire to spend time and treasure on maintenance and operations; our domestic systems are well defined and easily managed. Maintenance programs are outlined in the Maintenance and Operations Manual (MOM). Comparison of maintenance cost over a 10 year period with other comparable properties reveals astonishing savings due, in part, to site selection and initial Wild Sitecrafting. Any untouched site already has character; we set it free for exposition.

We believe in our Maintenance and Operations Manual. We build on it from day one, and when the key is turned the doors are not the only things that open – the Manual will be completed. It is very valuable – whenever you have any questions ask MOM. She has all the answers.

Form follows function…follows force. Ergonomics is our prime driver. We have conversations with our site forces – we seek peace, serenity, compliance. The forces we engage with are not instant friends: power, fire, water, wind, parking are all forces that must be negotiated with.

Americans with Disabilities Act compliancy is an important accessory to the layering of the whole project, and is collateral to the living free, living well legacy for generations; with this scenario dwellers can flourish, embracing behavior that assures continuity. Active, dynamic, kinetic venues must define themselves through design.

These powers allow owners complete autonomy, with conditions of grace, beauty and common sense following them wherever they wander in their forest. 

There will be no comps for us when we list in the multiples. In fact, we will be the only MPR in the MLS. Our square footage is substantially more than usual – we are a venue – but it is also less expensive. We will use basic building and development numbers with our techniques (reducing overall costs). We are enthusiastic about our project:

  • Negotiation. A bag wearing owner with high interest in the first project
  • Following GMA guidelines for Mom and Pop Master Planned Resorts
  • Listing ‘Moondance’ as an MPR in the multiple listings
  • Choosing nurturing sites with the potential to use our Wild Sitecrafting skills
  • Complete site involvement; all areas are characterized within context of high quality features
  • Minimalist philosophy, adherence to ILFI petals of ease, beauty and grace 
  • Using ILFI ‘Living Building Challenge’ standards, King County Green, no red list products
  • Moondance is created with generational heritage in mind.  We implement ‘Living Building Challenge’ standards through ergonomic high grace minimalism - the answer for happy living and working in convivial scenarios. 

Using sites and structures that reflect the very nature of where we are, who we are, and why we are, Moonshadow Ventures acquires property and builds in Puget Sound’s ancient woodlands.

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