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We are directors of the vital forces, and seek most favorable conditions for success. Enthusiasm for accessing intrinsic forces drives our vision to exalt diverse biospheres, complementing our mission to embed clients into high-tech primitive properties. Sites are well chosen, with transcendent potential. Our core ideals and values are based on stewardship, and having fun with it.

There are many forces influencing the selection of a building site; Geomancic Systems, an ancient Chinese way to interpret the physical reality of natural and built environments, served them well in their search for military and religious strongholds. We use some of those same techniques to guide us.

Every site is unique. People have their own ideas on what constitutes a ‘force’ and what they should do about it. One of the great ideas in the Living Building Challenge is that value, and profit (in varying forms) is critical to the best use of their natural and built environments; so what comprises these column headings is very influential in the ultimate success of the scope and operations of their structure.

Critical forces you never expect, but are very important for your basic comfort and organization.

We produce elegant systems, dealing with force and celebrating life. Ergonomics is our prime directive; people should be safe if they fall in the kitchen, in the bathrooms, and especially, down the stairs. Safety is a paramount consideration with us, and forces are value analyzed, interpreted and used in context with synergetic elements. ADA compliance in design assures safety as an inherent factor within all our structures.

When people think of living off the grid, it conjures up pictures of crude communes many miles and hours from towns and cities, full of dirt and deprivation. With us, nothing could be further from the truth. We have a dedicated utopic vision; our clients have control of their lives through site choice, design and lifestyle. Primitive properties with high comfort and cutting edge IT are an intriguing dichotomy.

Earth, Wind, Fire, Water are evident, primal, heavily influential forces that are obvious - they must always be dealt with.

There are other forces, that sometimes may be labeled as non-essential forces, that in present day reality (with codes and all), actually cause high discomfort in routine existence. Let us examine (in a macroscope) some of them:

My personal favorite is parking. Who thinks of that (until it’s too late)? Big party planned and no place to park except somebody else’s driveway? And then you can only park 10 cars? What’s that – 25 or 30 people? Small change.

            How many times a day is it necessary to take out the compost, garbage and recycle?

            Water? How many thousands of gallons slip through every year uncaught?

Moonlight? How many incredible dancing opportunities are missed on the full Harvest Moon because you are inside and can’t even see the moon?

Infinity Trails? How many violent expressions of wind, rain, thunder and lightning at midnight will go unattended by naked and barefoot runners? And what about the exercise pits every 100 feet that challenge the soul and the body?

Interior design, countertops, work surfaces, floor coverings, wall exposition potential, use by local craftsman and suppliers of wood specialties, these and other related events are critical (like so many other events) to our mission compliance.

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    Using sites and structures that reflect the very nature of where we are, who we are, and why we are, Moonshadow Ventures acquires property and builds in Puget Sound’s ancient woodlands.

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