Our designs are based on anatomic and behavioral quirks of human beings. As noted in studies from ‘A Pattern Language’ humans love to watch flames, look down at events happening while no one can see them and they do not like being seen going into a bathroom, among many other behaviors.

99% of all cabinets can injure you in some fashion – there is really only one cabinet design that uses real wood and ergonomic design and we use it. Happily, it is the least expensive yet most productive of cabinets (they are not in the viewing areas and must be ordered special). All of our designs are driven by human need and comfort; when our clients reach the age where a nursing home is required, they will be in their own homes, better cared for than any business run for profit, visiting their favorite gardens whenever they want.

We care about the long term outlook for all of our clients. Run our handmade infinity trails naked, barefoot, raining and in the dark of night to feel the exquisite and palpable meaning of ergonomics.

Using sites and structures that reflect the very nature of where we are, who we are, and why we are, Moonshadow Ventures acquires property and builds in Puget Sound’s ancient woodlands.

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